Customized Coaching

Customized Coaching

China Vision provides a personalized service to businesses and organizations in the business, educational and labour sectors.

Our team guides, advises and coaches our clients throughout their endeavours in China. From seeking business partners, to support during commercial trips, as well as training and workshops, we offer a comprehensive service.

 The industries are as diverse as they are varied. The coaching service can benefit both a manufacturing company and an educational institution.

  • Does your school want to establish an exchange program for its students in China?
  • Do you own a distillery and want to export your products to the Chinese market?
  • Is your business looking to produce or buy property in China?
  • Does your business have a shortage of skilled workers?

China Vision is the solution to all your needs.


Whether it’s buying or selling, your transactions will be successful if the Chinese market’s trade traditions are respected. Our experienced team will guide and coach you to ensure your business is a success.

China Vision will support you in China, where traditional culture blends with the business world. China is known for having a unique and very strong culture. It is essential, as in any country, to identify, understand and comply with the business codes. Our mission: to drive your business or organization to the next level.

Be a visionary.


More and more Chinese families are enrolling their children in an educational institution abroad to provide them with better education. In Canada, the phenomenon is spectacular. In 2015, more than 26,000 Chinese students studied in Canada. Colleges, CEGEPs and universities can benefit from this new trend.

Through its expertise, China Vision serves as a bridge between your educational establishment and China. It will help you develop your services, both to attract Chinese students to your institution, and to develop a unique exchange program with a Chinese partner.

A world of opportunity opens up to you.


After significant economic growth over the past 15 years, China wants to move away from low-cost jobs. It is now focusing more on creative innovation, services and skilled labour. The richest families are investing in education to meet that demand and adapt to modern Chinese expectations.

In a context of labour shortage, China Vision will find you the rare pearl you’re looking for. It will find that sought-after employee. Our team of experienced consultants will assist you in your search for a specialized workforce.

Benefit from Chinese expertise.